A dark psychological thriller backed up by an intense performance by Christian Bale.

Director: Brad Anderson

Cast: Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, John Sharian

Genre: Thriller

Trevor Reznik (played by Christian Bale) is an industrial worker who is suffering from severe insomnia. He hasn’t slept for a year! To add to this, he is extremely thin to the point that he has an abnormal appearance. All of this should give an indication of the tone of the film. The Machinist is a creepy psychological thriller that creates a sense of dread and desperation throughout.

Trevor Reznik

The biggest strengths of the movie are its visuals and its acting. The distinctive dark color tone used in the film works really well in creating an immersive atmosphere. And praise goes to Christian Bale as well whose commitment to the role is evident by the fact that he lost a staggering 60 pounds to play his character!

The story follows Trevor as he undergoes strange and bizarre experiences. He sees things which other people do not see. He has strong thoughts with loose ends and isn’t able to figure out their significance. The core aspect of the film is how Trevor is gradually driving towards insanity and paranoia. The element of mystery is strong in the film as Trevor is in the search for answers. The movie does a good job of involving the audience, in my opinion. It seems as if we too, are participants in this whole ‘psychological game’ and are also in the search for answers.


Overall, The Machinist looks like a film that has been taken straight out of a nightmare. The dark and grim atmosphere is the key aspect of the film! The misery involved in the story is reflected in the brilliant visuals. The mystery is bound to keep you engaged throughout. The Machinist is a film that has the potential to really mess with your mind!