An interesting and unique entry in the animated genre whose attempts at comedy fail most of the time.

Director: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan

Cast: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, James Franco

Genre: Animated, Comedy

An animated film from Seth Rogen and co. That’s something new! Sausage Party is definitely a breath of fresh air in the animated film genre. We definitely need to see more adult films coming out to bring diversity in animated movies. This particular film is based on the interesting ‘world of food’ in which food items in a supermarket are ‘alive’ and can talk to each other. But the problem with Sausage Party is that it often tries too hard for laughs. Many of the jokes don’t seem to fit in naturally with the narrative. Instead it feels like they were just there to make the movie R-Rated.

The Supermarket

The movie starts off with a dance number introducing us to the setting; a supermarket that is filled with food items that are ‘alive’. They believe their human shoppers to be Gods and who, by purchasing them, can take them to the ‘Great Beyond’, a place of eternal satisfaction and pleasure. Adult humor and crude sexual jokes are prevalent throughout the film. There are around 150 uses of the F-word, most of which are forced into the dialogue, a sign of weak and desperate writing.

The main characters of the film are a sausage named Frank and his girlfriend, a hot dog bun named Brenda. Frank and Brenda are really looking forward to be purchased so that they can ‘do the deed’ and officially consummate their relationship. It should be apparent by now that Sausage Party is filled with weirdly hilarious food puns throughout. All the food items in the supermarket are not aware of the fact that humans, who they believe to be Gods, actually eat them and hence cause them to die. This is what the leads to the core theme of the movie. The quest of the food items to find out the purpose of their existence and their true destiny. Hence, the film mostly involves exploration and adventure.

Frank and Brenda

The whole world of the supermarket is creative. Different aisles correspond to different regions in the food world and different types of foods have their own peculiar nature, qualities and yes, expiry dates. This originality is one of the film’s strengths. Various themes such as diversity in beliefs and acceptance of others and also touched upon. Although, I feel that the movie missed the chance to back up these themes more substantially.

Overall, Sausage Party is undoubtedly unique and original. It will definitely pave the way for more adult animated films in the future. Its weakness is its lack of genuine comedy. However, the film does manage to make some disgustingly funny food related jokes and sustain interest at most times.  Sausage Party is a beautiful mess!