The perfect blend of suspense, thrill and mystery.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Cast: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter, Raymond Burr

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Amongst all the movies Alfred Hitchcock has made in his illustrious career, Rear Window (1954) is certainly one of his best. This movie managed to keep me so engaged from start to finish and has certainly cemented its place amongst the greatest movies in the mystery thriller genre

LB Jefferies and his girlfriend

Rear Window is about a photographer, LB Jefferies (James Stewart), who after breaking his leg in an accident is confined to a wheelchair in his apartment. Therefore, he has grown quite stubborn and frustrated. He has a therapist, named Stella (Thelma Ritter) treating him and a young and beautiful socialite girlfriend named Lisa (Grace Kelly) whom he is not keen to marry. In this seemingly boring life, he spends his time by looking at his neighbors through his window. One night, he hears a woman screaming and sees a man exit from the house where he heard it. Throughout the night, the same man is seeing entering and exiting his home making mysterious trips. This is enough to make him suspicious. Tension grows when in the morning; the man is seen cleaning a knife and saw in his house. Jeff is convinced that he has killed his wife. I do not want to spoil what happens next.

One element that makes this movie intriguing is the absolutely brilliant cinematography. The whole crowded neighborhood is wonderfully captured by the eye of the camera. All the neighbors seem to be so close to each other. Throughout the movie, the camera occasionally moves around the neighborhood slowly moving from house to house, introducing us to new characters. A woman who is always exercising, a songwriter, a lonely and desperate woman, to name a few. This only adds to the mysterious feel of the movie. Alfred Hitchcock’s direction makes us feel something is wrong but we don’t know what and that leaves our eyes glued to the movie. The soundtrack was complementary to the cinematography, adding to the beautiful cinematic portrayal of the mysterious atmosphere

The neighborhood

.I have to compliment Thelma Ritter, Grace Kelly and especially James Stewart who gives a stellar performance as Jefferies. You could literally feel the desperation in him on unraveling the mystery.

Rear Window is a Hitchcock masterpiece. At times it gets a bit slow but that is justified as this adds to the suspense. If you are planning to watch it, prepare for edge-of-the-seat stuff throughout and I certainly recommend you to watch it.